Since the third eye opened…my experiences’s all about patience, everything comes to you at the right time is what I hear! When your ready the spirit world will reveal to you more and more, depending on how ready you actually are!

Since my third eye opened last year, I wasn’t fully aware it had been opened, I continued to follow my intuition and knew there was certain differences within myself and how I was able to clearly see things that were taking place before me, for example I could tell lies from the truth and understood deeply how things actually work in the work and how we have this veil of illusion over us, stopping us from clearly seeing the state of current affairs in the world.

It wasn’t until a few weeks after the third eye opened I realised I had successfully opened the sixth chakra and many others at the same time, at this point I had opened chakra 1,2,3,5,6 and seven, with the heart chakra closed because of how things recently ended in my relationship.

I consumed a great deal of energy to heal and teach myself some fascinating things without reading a single book, everything I know I literally had to double check on a app, at the time I intuitively chose Pinterest and began to see if what I was doing was even a thing, turns out I was doing that and more which is why I was able to develop really fast and with precision.

A few days later I naturally started to get deeper in to my meditations, I was introduced to binaural beats by my guides who through my intuition told me to look through YouTube and find a certain binaural beat which I still play currently, it was for the third eye and crown and I decided to go ahead and immediately I noticed results, I felt as if my forehead was cracking and the sensations are very hard to describe but it was a feeling of no other, felt like my forehead cracked open and out come this warm radiant energy and immediately having opened my Clairvoyance I noticed the exact same sensation on the top of my head which was the crown chakra!

Now this is where my chakras lined up and balanced a lot faster, of course I already intended to balance them but through the third eye and crown and with them open I was able to communicate with the Devine much more effectively and effortlessly, they told me what to eat and give up and attuned my thinking and gave me new ways to look at my life and family! They literally left me with all the answers and all I had to do was, go ahead and apply them.

After a month my journey took me in a new direction, I felt different but couldn’t figure out what why I was seeing lights in the corner of my eyes..I started to see vivid light and colours when I closed my eyes, from green purple red little bit of yellows, I couldn’t figure out what it was till it suddenly clicked and again I don’t know how I knew the information but I knew what it was and figured out it was psychic abilities! I knew it was something to do with clairvoyance as my intuition was telling me this is who you are! As days went by I found out that I had developed beyond opening the third eye and found out what the third eye is and the effects of just the third eye but when I read about going beyond and opening up the psychic channels I was a little surprised because my intuition led me that far but seriously very excited because for the first time I was not scared and I had no fear of the spirit world, my self taught education and teachings led me straight on the right path and I knew I was doing the right thing and that I am embracing my souls true identity.

Now! This is where my journey really took flight, I mean I really worked hard, many nights meditating for 3-4 hours and it came to a point where I was receiving downloads every night before I was “just” about to fall in to a sleep, I would meditate and get to the point where I thought I was asleep but I was actually never asleep and I actually lowered my frequencies so low that my physical body was dead asleep but my mind and the third eye with the soul would openly receive mind blowing and incredible visions, I saw the whole matrix thing with the green numbers coming down..I saw television static appear and words coming forward and turning off like an old thing when the static goes in to centre of the screen and heated the “bloop” noise like I was really watching an old television (because televisions do not do that anymore) I saw people from the spirit world coming through, and saw multiple faces and eyes just staring at is honestly beautiful!

Since all the downloads, I started to smell the spirit world and also taste and feel very strongly, of something was close I would instantly feel the energy and know where to look and find the spirit and often see an orb of light either appear and go or flash and move fast. I am very angelic in my daily approach and I trust the Devine with all my heart! We have worked incredibly hard day and night to turn my life around and come out strong! Believe me we really teamed up well and i to this day have archangel Micheal with me close! We (spirit) started to communicate through telepathy at first but with the mind it’s always tricky and at the time what I was going through was new so I handed my iPhone over to the angels and said “here is my iPhone, you are always with me, beside me! Please if I do not understand something I give you full permission to communicate through my apps and my phone as there is infinite potential within and I can benefit from seeing it in words” since then, they randomly show me posts and YouTube videos that enhance my development, my angels use telepathy to place the thoughts in my head and lead me to what I need to know! And in a day..on average “97% of the information is what I can relate to” that’s how accurate they are!

An excellent example! On my Instagram I turned it in to a Devine timed page where I post Devine timed messages and below I write what spirit tells me to talk only one person really knows why I do this and that is my ex partner, I make those posts because when I need advice or guidance or and answer I get random likes from someone on a post a week or two weeks old, and in the page where it says who liked your post that notification isn’t even there but they still were able to make the notification come up “just” when I needed an answer or when I need guidance most! They manipulate the electronic device so well it’s truly incredible when this happens..every time it happens I am speechless! My own messages that I post are my own answers! The picture below!

Now at this point, this exact moment in life I am many things! I have opened many centres of psychic abilities that it’s not easy to live with because it’s something that everyone isn’t doing, even though I really do not care I love who I am, it’s still only really me myself and I on this journey! I am still walking alone because when I mention my abilities people back off, which again I love because I straight away know that those individuals are not my tribe, but even to this day I am in it to win it alone!

Right now I will list what abilities I have tapped in to!

. Clairvoyance – psychic sight

. Clairaudiance – psychic hearing

. Claircognizance – psychic knowing

. Clairgustance – psychic tasting

. Clairairaliance – psychic smelling

. Clairsentiance – psychic feeling

. Telepathic -telepathy

These are my current skills and gifts. With clairvoyance being my strongest at this moment.

On my journey I have had experiences with the good and the bad, only last night August 27th 2017 (night of my 30th birthday) I had a spirit get in to bed with me and wrap themselves around me! I physically felt them completely wrap their arms over and under me as I laid on my side and hug tightly into me! That was my newest and latest experience, but in the past I have seen shadow people and even faced against the infamous “hat man” I have also seen spirits appear in full form seeing it clearly from head to toe and even seen spirit animals emerge in the air! I remember laying in bed and with my eyes closed I saw a little boy walk beside my bed, lean down and looked at my face to see if I had my eyes open and then stand up and run off! That was actually seriously amazing! I drew the little boy and do that that drawing here below!

Below are more drawing of just some of the things I see when I close my eyes, I am yet to draw more as my time is currently limited.

So with this being said, this brings me to the other things I have experienced!

They do me they exist! I have seen these sort of looking extraterrestrial being like the one in the photo once and it was not a pleasant experience, these are the more “lets experiment” type of extraterrestrial beings, they are manipulative in their approach..they appear in the minds eye as friendly and will not harm you but that until you let your barriers down and leave yourself open, then they will physically come and take control of the mind and begin experimenting! My experience with these extraterrestrial beings was not pleasant and another who experienced the same thing a dear friend, also said the same so if I come across these in the minds eye I force myself up and immediately ground and protect! But other extraterrestrial being I have seen and contacted are more approachable and will help you understand them more, I have had incredible journeys exploring other worlds and seeing other world ways and how ridiculously advanced they are! I have seen some amazing things!!


There is seeing random spirits conjure them selfs up out of air, this was freaky the first time I saw this with my own eyes, I was not scared just amazed how they literally use the energies of the earth and appear in shape! I have seen this happen a fair few times at a dear friends house (she lives on leylines) and when we walked in the woods behind her house I was blown away by the power of the spirit world, how they appear and even how spirit animals were able to do the same!

The shadow people and the hat man! Shadow people I was able to see since I was a child but turned off the ability because I was terrified of what I used to see! As a child I saw these people and I have even levitated (hovering) whilst I was asleep! Which terrified me for days! I was born a clairvoyant clearly! But now days, I literally walk straight up to them and face off with them, I am heavily protected by my spirit family and my archangels and the ascended masters I have had the fear completely removed, and this is exactly what I did with the hat man, I saw him first thing in the morning in my minds eye right in the distance, I always look through the minds eye in the morning before I open my two physical eyes, I noticed a figure with a hat and a long black coat..this is the amazing bit, as soon as I focused and looked at his eyes..he darted straight in from of me, literally to the point where we were nose to nose..I will admit I was freaked out I opened my eyes..and soon as I did I kept seeing him..everywhere..appearing out of every shadow and every dark corner in my room, I knew what I was up against because funnily enough I was asked by angels to read on this a few nights before so I knew if I showed fear in my energy it will only get more power and feed of me so I literally leaped out of bed and again “faced off” with a shadow (sounds daft when you write it) but I literally asked him to leave multiple times and told it straight that I am not scared and that if it didn’t leave I will call in higher powers, in the end it didn’t leave until me and I had to call in archangel Micheal to remove the hat man and when it was done I saw a vision of a thumbs up and a crown clapping! It was the angels applauding me for my bravery! Since then I have never seen the hat man again.

And now..I am embracing everything I have learned and only wish to continue moving forward, I am open to seeing everything and love where my spiritual journey is taking me!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article, I will when I finish my drawings put them up on here on this article and update it, and maybe even release a new latest article based on my journey and my other psychic abilities and experiences!

Thank you once again for taking the time to read, I welcome questions and comments! Remember this is my own journey and everyone’s journey is different and never the same. When the time is right and when we are ready the universe will reveal more! Patience!

In love and light 🙏🏼


3 thoughts on “Since the third eye opened…my experiences

  1. I love and appreciate your story, looking forward to following you on IG soon. Currently taking a break asy spirit team has requested me to clean up the followers and prepare for something new/ refreshing to come. Love love love your story!

    Thank you


    1. Thank you so much, I truly am grateful for your positive comment. I too on my early journey was advised to do the same so please, take your time and do what is best for you at this time! In time you will see the reason why they have asked that of you. Thank you so much again for your wonderful comment. 🙏🏼 love and light


  2. Thank you for sharing your story! Would you be able to share the YouTube links for the 3rd eye and crown chakra binueral beats that you used?



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