How to know your third eye is open

Welcome once again, I have written many posts in the past but this one is what I feel many need to read, this post is for those who are aiming to activate their third eye but are not seeing what they think they should see.

So for those who have been spiritually awakened and those who have experienced the kundalini awakening I felt was more open and progressed faster than those who are looking in to spiritualism as an interest…now the reason being is simple when you step back and look at it closely, I myself experienced both at the same time and although I progressed within weeks, I now see why!!

The reason those who have experienced a spiritual/kundalini awakening progressed is because..

…is because of the power of the awakening, which means in simple terms that the power of the new energy is so powerful it immediately travels through you and as it does so it powers up virtually every chakra, giving them the power and the attention they need. This power that flows I found is something we take in from the universe..this powerful light is what activates our chakra systems enough for them to reveal who we truly are..the messages it sends to the brain are new which means they can not be ignored..they won’t be able to be squashed away like our previous problems, they are there and they need your attention..which brings many the the realisation about life and it’s truths!

These signals that we experience are only going to get stronger for those who have experienced a awakening, I remember my own first few experiences and they blew me away…I got immediate advise on my situation and was able to heal my self and repair my drug abused body with ease. I just knew so much more in a second than I knew from years and years of living.

So what are the signs the third eye is actually open your wondering? First let me tell you a simple thing or two, one is that “not one will have the same experiences” the way you experience the third eye opening will be unique to you, the way you discover the effects will be different from others..yes you’ll have similar experiences but not the same..and second of all and the key one I think is “forget what you have learned and heard from others” because it’s actually not an experience for yourself until you go through’s something you read and make your own belief without actually feeling..or experiencing which will severely limit what you should know!!

No matter what just take your time with yourself, to advance immensely you must first learn more about your inner self..the real you!! Keep a journal and in a way…investigate yourself, your beliefs..question your upbringing truth, question everything because the more you ask the more answers you will receive!! Along this path at the same time is something just as important, and that is healing..not just physically..but emotionally and mentally too! You will enter a phase called “the dark night of the soul” this is essential to your end goal because in this process you will learn to heal emotionally and mentally from past trauma and setbacks.

So how do you know it’s open? Many will scroll down and go straight to this..I have done myself..but as long as the information is helpful, then I am very very happy!

What I will do is number then but not in any order or importance, my blogs are written from the mind so as I think I in no order I give to you “the signs”.

1. You will find yourself more interested in subjects that will benefit your health, this is because your awakening old wisdom and though all the information regarding heath and wellbeing new to read..subconsciously your soul already knows what you need so your brain will automatically trigger and will know what you need, the other source for information about health comes from your intuition…this information comes from outer sources like angels and your guides and the accented masters which is tremendous because it shows your third eye and your gifts are awake and already active.

2. You will notice changes in your thought patterns, this is something many over look..or do not even begin to question more and more about life and your self..those around you and literally just about everything that comes your way…you will just be intrigued about everything..especially when it’s something you need to know and learn and something that will help your journey.

3. You will notice signs that relate to your journey, this could be to answer a question or simply offer you a solution to your health, mental health or emotional health, signs will appear around you when you need them, so be aware of what is around you.

4. You begin to see and experience change all around you, these changes come in all forms..relationships..habits and within yourself, leaving you feeling open but will want to do more for humanity and this world.

5. You will seek out your purpose, you will ask yourself often why you are doing what you are and why you are not doing what you can, you will find passions and use these gifts to help many, by being a light worker or actually offering spiritual gifts like tarot reading and reiki etc.

6. You will have a more natural sixth sense for the truth, in your daily interactions and even when you read something, you will just know it’s not the whole story and wether it’s true or not.

7. Tingling feeling in your forehead and on the top of your head are very common when the third eye is open because of the activation of your pineal gland and the rushes of energy flowing throughout your body, along with this you may also experience stiffness in certain body parts because your now discovering where the energy blocks are.

8. You naturally/willingly want to spread more love to others through kindness and compassion, this happens because of the awakening and when you open the chakras the flow of energies also flow through the heart chakra..this feeling will get stronger if you manage to successfully do the inner healing work.

9. You will gain more vivid thoughts and experiences when imagining, you will start to strengthen your imagination faster and notice you can see your own thoughts ever so clearly and in more detail. Over time you will also notice when the spirit world is communicating with you through telepathy and notice that these are actually heart warming signs and will be a guiding compass.

10. You will start to be more telepathic and you will be able to see the other persons thoughts more clearly, almost like they are your own thoughts.

11. You will experience a lot more dream activity than normal and these dreams will have hidden meanings or will be actual answers to your questions, you may even see events before they happen.

12. You naturally learn and want to learn more about the Devine, the ascended master..archangels and your spirit family (guides-ancestors) and will begin to have regular meetings with your higher self.

13. You fall in love with spiritual practices and all things spiritual like yoga, meditation and rituals, crystals and this information will flow to you faster because of your natural use of the law of attraction!!

14. Meditation will come more natural and will feel more spiritual, spiritual meaning you’ll feel more connected to the source and will see more when you meditate..colours representing your chakras and even see into the spirit realm, eyes will appear and sometimes faces..and when you go really deep you will actually see a spirit and also in this state of being you will have visions.

15. Religion and old beliefs patterns dissolve as new thought patterns and beliefs kick in, this is the understanding of how god is one source.

16. One of the biggest things is learning to accept yourself exactly how you are, finally you learn to love yourself and accept you are everything you need to be at this moment in life.

And there you have it..these are some of the early signs that your third eye is open! These are my own personal experiences and I felt these in the first few in the coming weeks after a month I really progressed and went to complete strength with my abilities by following my intuition and meditation! The key is to focus on what feels right to you..not to follow but become a leader of your own experiences, this creates a much more personal and rich journey.

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