About me

Hello I am Taj Anota and welcome.

thank you for visiting my page, I am very grateful for your time. My name of course is Taj Anota, I am spiritually awakened, this magnificent moment happened in July 2016 after some traumatic experiences with life’s greatest lessons, since the awakening I have learned and experienced many of the greatest spiritual practices and discovered incredible power within and have developed my birth right gifts like psychic abilities, Clairvoyance.. Clairaudiance, telepathy etc even astral travelling. I have found ways to heal the mind body and spirit using my own abilities which I received as downloads from the spirit world, due to the power of an spiritual and kundalini awakening I was instantly able to tap in to healing energies and found simple yet super effective ways of healing the physical body.

I work closely with the ascended masters and archangels, my guardian angels and of course my spirit guides and I have also experienced a strengthening relationship with my ancestors.

With the awakening and the aftermath I found my true self..i to a point mastered self discovery! Tapping in to my past life’s knowledge and wisdom was key to my recovery from life’s beautiful yet painful lessons, I wish to share with as many the knowledge and wisdom I have collected and wish to show as many how we can do so much, if we look within and find what we already have and put that to use we will understand that we already have everything we need to be our greatest versions in the here and right now.

So enjoy…and hopefully I can inspire you to find your path to enlightenment.

Love and light, peace and healing

Taj Anota