How I created my own happiness

Happiness! It’s easy to say be happy to someone and it’s easy to think that, just like that we can turn it around and be happy ourselves, with life’s lessons and it’s teachings many of us do not understand why we experience what we go through, many who are not awake to their spiritual path […]


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Grounding and protecting!

What is grounding and protecting? Now, before you even venture in and on your spiritual journey, one thing I was told by spirit and by many people I met on my journey is that grounding and protecting is essential to your spiritual journey and it is something we must learn and practise everyday like a […]

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Opening the third eye

Now..the third eye is a fascinating subject one that dates back to the unknown really, we know that the Egyptians knew about the third eye and the power of the pineal gland and so did many other races but it’s how they came to know the power of the the third eye that makes me […]

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