Opening the third eye

Now..the third eye is a fascinating subject one that dates back to the unknown really, we know that the Egyptians knew about the third eye and the power of the pineal gland and so did many other races but it’s how they came to know the power of the the third eye that makes me wonder! How they knew what it is and how they knew how to utilise and condition the pineal glad and obtain many psychic abilities like clairvoyance and Clairaudiance to name a couple but of course there are many more. We know of the ascended masters like Buddha and lord shiva and they all had talked about the third eye and in the Hindu race the ascended masters usually are shown with the third eye in the centre of the forehead but it’s how this knowledge was created that stuns me personally..and how it’s still around to this date and how the old methods really do work!

In my experiences with the third eye I have discovered a way to open the third eye safely and also managed to tap in to other abilities too, some I have seen recently already have been talked about which is brilliant to be honest but told in a way that doesn’t highlight how important they are in opening the third eye!

Now some people look for the attention when it comes to the third eye and say that they “opened the third eye and they now see spirits” this can actually happen but it’s quite rare you will see them as soon as that, that is because the third eye is one thing but when really developed and only when your ready you will open up to clairvoyance..and this is when you can or could see in the spirit world. The third eye can be capped so you never develop any further but many are not sure what they are getting in to and are not even sure when the third eye is actually open so they end up developing past the third eye stance and continue to profess and are oblivious to the fact that they are opening them selfs in to clairvoyance.

What is the third eye?

The third eye is seeing through the lies and the illusions in our everyday life and the world as you see it, nothing adds up because the old ways of your thinking changes because you can “just know” what they are not telling you, for example someone could tell you a sob sorry which makes someone look terrible and usually you would listen and process the information and make a “judgement” like I no longer like that person without knowing the full story but when your third eye is open you are not easily manipulated by people’s words and these story’s, you will see that between it all lies fault with two people and you will intuitively know that they are not being entirely honest because where you normally cave in and judge the other person they were talking about you begin to think “why did they do what they did..what is this person not telling me” and you will notice that they leave out the part where they did something to provoke a reaction from someone else! So you you see through these lies effortlessly and you begin to see these patterns daily with your loved ones and other acquittances!

Another example is when you hear news on the television, radio or in the papers. You will notice again that they present a story that protects a nation (usually their own) or its own people and they will manipulate the lower vibration society in to feeling hate towards a race or group of people, where as you with your third eye open will know just what this stunt really is and it’s to create a divide in society and see that they are using “FEAR” as a way of controlling a mass of people.

These are two examples of what the third eye can and will help you see, but of course when you open the third eye you are also knocking on the door of clairvoyance and the doorway to the world of spirit! But like I said you can limit it to just the third eye and not go any further.

Nothing to be alarmed about but be warned that the third eye is extremely closely worked with clairvoyance and other psychic abilities and you will be able to limit yourself through boundaries but you will be on the brink of seeing in to the spirit world! But your ready, other wise why would you be here! It is your calling, if you naturally find yourself fascinated by the third eye and the spiritual path then this is for you, and along the way as you connect with the will drop all fear and walk forward like a spiritual warrior.

How to limit yourself to the third eye only!

Now, to limit your self only to the third eye is even easier than opening it up, but it is vital you are aware of “when your third eye is open” because many do not know and they end up tapping in to clairvoyance unknowingly!

When you begin to open the third eye (I will show how below) you need to set out along with the intention of opening it to also set the attention to only open the third eye and that you do not want to develop any further! You must set out the boundaries before hand and state along with your desire that you only want to open the third eye and see the TRUTH and not see the spirit world. By setting out this boundary you will open up the third eye and the universe will only let you see what you are ready to clearly see! By doing this you tap in the law of attraction and this is a vital tool for not only the opening of the third eye but just about anything in life!

How I knew I had opened my third eye.

When I opened my third eye I wasn’t aware of setting boundaries my self, this is something I received by Downloads from spirit later on my journey! I managed to open the third eye myself and used the information I was receiving from my guardian angels and my spirit guides..I was born clairvoyant but at a young age I suppressed my abilities as I was too afraid of what I used to see so when I set the intention out that I was ready, I didn’t find it too hard to connect with the spirit world and was not even sure how at the time I was getting this information, I used to go to bed and when I woke up I knew more and more and this went on for many months and it wasn’t until it clicked that during my sleep time I was getting downloads from the spirit world and soon after realising this I was all of a sudden with a few days blasting open my clairvoyant abilities and many others at the same time..just by doing what I did (what came naturally to me) and from there I knew that I had opened my third eye and had tapped into my psychic centres without knowing..after this i had a decision to make..either I was completely ready or I wasn’t…I chose to be ready and I accepted what I was seeing in my minds eye and from there I was able to see more and more and see things the normal eyes just could not and would not comprehend! The spiritual awakening that occurred had made me see my life path at the time a lot clearer and I knew what it was later as I read upon it on the internet and the information I needed just literally appeared out of no where on all my social accounts like Pinterest and YouTube and even when I used to watch television, the messages I got where like they were just for me..I had the right information at the right time to continue moving forward and fully embrace this journey.

with that being said!

Now..below is what your seeking, my own methods and how I did what I did! Below is how I opened my third eye and developed clairvoyance and many more abilities, like hearing spirits..smelling..tasting and feeling and even the ability claircognizance..which is the ability to “just know something”. Just remember that everyone journey is not the same..some develop slow whilst others develop really fast! This is your own journey and it’s unlike anyone else’’s your personal journey to enlightenment! I only ask you Remember three things and keep them in mind always..they are and belief! Be patience with YOURSELF and trust the timing of the universe and believe it is what you want and when the time is right you will develop incredible abilities.

How to open the third eye!

⭐️Before we is SUPER ESSENTIAL that you know and learn how to ground and protect your energy and physical body! To ground your energy, you need to be barefoot and need to visualise cords coming out of your feet and visualise them going deep in to the roots of the earth, to protect your energy and physical body need to again visualise, a white or purple ball of light completely surrounding you and visualise yourself in this ball..and say the mantra “I AM SAFE..I AM PROTECTED..I AM GROUNDED DEEP IN TO THE EARTH” say this a few times whilst visualising yourself grounding and protecting your energy. ⭐️

Now to open the third eye, you do not need as much as you think you do! But to develop beyond the third eye is when you need a few tools and patience.

To open the third eye you need to learn how to meditate..and how to use the law of attraction! These two things will also be needed later to open the doors to psychic abilities!

Meditation is vital when it comes to spiritual work, it is a wonderful way to go within yourself and know yourself so much better and through meditation learn how to control and heal your mind body and soul! But more importantly in this case it is essential for closing your brain wave and clearing your mind of all thoughts! So you need to be a good meditator because a busy mind will not be of any use when you are trying to clear your mind and set the intention to the universe that you are ready to open your third eye! Usually 10-20 minutes is plenty and within 5-10 minutes you start to naturally push out thoughts and feelings, the hardest part at first is getting past those first 5-10 minutes, after that you will naturally push away thoughts and have a cleaner and clearer mind to work with.

The second thing you will need is, the law of attraction, why? Because with the power of the universe with you, you are given exactly what you need and exactly what is right for the way of information..and Devine timing, it will all come in the right time which will open your third eye safely!

Third thing is crystals..these little gems are incredible and will certainly help open up your third eye and can be used to develop your psychic abilities, crystals like amethyst..lapis lazuli and labradorite and kyanite are all great to use, i personally wear labradorite, merlinite, moldavite, super 7 and a black obsidian. I will look in to other but currently these are my main ones! But use crystals indeed..hold them whilst meditation or wear and carry them it’s up to you and what feels comfortable, use your intuition on this one, and remember to learn how to charge them, something I will write a post about too in the coming weeks.

The fourth thing is affirmations, which are magnets for the law of attraction and will help immensely, because along with your positive thoughts and attitude you also need the right words..and more importantly you need to believe in these words because how you feel when it say them will attract what you are asking for so affirmations are powerful, like I AM ABLE TO OPEN MY THIRD EYE..I AM OPEING MY THIRD EYE NOW..I AM ABLE TO SEE CLEARLY, these are powerful..remember that words are infinite power and when you speak them enough you train your own mind in to believing what your saying so choose your words wisely in general too.

Another way is to detox if you want to develop more after opening the third eye, completely cut out fluoride and look for alternative products..fluoride is in toothpaste, mouthwash and even everyday drinking water..especially tap water..this substance is really harmful for your health in general but is a killer of the third completely dims its power.

Lastly..i suggest you call upon your guardian angels and your spirit guides to help you also, if you want to feel even can call on the archangels too!

There are many angels who will come immediately to assist you but when you call on higher powers and your guides REMEMBER, that you need to ask them to “intervene in your free will”


…This is all you need to use to open the third eye..some say diet is very important but you know what, I opened my third eye effortlessly during a time in my life where I drunk..smoked..was on drugs and ate meat all the time! I nearly overdosed on drugs and died and shortly after I opened my third eye so dieting is needed but not until after your third eye is open and IF you want to tap in to your psychic abilities.

So remember to set boundaries and the intention that you want to open the third eye, practice meditation often and utilise the law of attraction, keep your mind as positive as possible and keep seeing yourself with your third eye open..always visualise yourself with your thirsts eye open and keep your mind positive when thinking about opening the third eye! This will trigger the law of attraction and will speed things up, because the law of attraction states..”WHAT YOU THINK AND VISUALISE, YOU HELP MAKE THAT YOUR REALITY” so and be patient with yourself.

And with that being said..

I do have a video on this subject currently on YouTube you can watch and learn a little more from about this subject the link is below-

YouTube- tajanota and the name of the video is “how I opened my third eye”

I am also on instagram @ me_tajanota where I am available anytime and post regularly.

…Thank you for all reading is article and I hope this helped you all know more about the third eye and how it can be easily accessed. I personally believe that too much emphasis is placed on this subject but the key is knowing the difference between the third eye and clairvoyance and the other psychic abilities because To open the third eye is easy, the difficult part comes later when you aim to build on it and develop psychic abilities.

If you would like to know how to go further and tap in to psychic powers please comment and I be happy to write a part two to this and write about tapping in to your psychic abilities.

I am Taj anota and again thank you so much for reading this article. I appreciate your feedback be it good or bad! Everyone is on their own journey.


9 thoughts on “Opening the third eye

  1. Wow what an excellent explanation of the third, the awakening process and the the healing properties of the third eye,
    Taj you ve been on a long journey and life path to get to the hightened state of awareness of which you are today, but this process has been key to your progression,
    Moved the YouTube video truely inspirational , keep it coming 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Fantastic video you made, thanks so much for sharing your knowledge! !!! You mentioned that you had some abilities at a very young age, I don’t think I’ve had any real psychic abilities, but I was told by a psychic I know and trust that I do have a gift and am psychic but she said my third eye is blocked & i need to meditate. Seeing that you had psychic abilities at a very young age and I never did, if I learn to meditate and follow your steps, do you believe I will succeed as quickly as you did in –approximately 3 weeks( give or take)? Also please do post on how to cultivate deeper psychic abilities, I am absolutely fascinated on this topic!


    1. We are all able to progress at a accelerated pace if we drop two major factors..first one being fear and the second one being expectation, these two give the mind time to over think and cloud our path with things that are not necessary. Try my own method as in the video but also trust your intuition whilst doing the work, you may find something needs tweaking to your liking and that could benefit your immensely, I will have another video up in the future, I have more information to express. But I personally believe we are all gifted and have our third eye ready to open, so keep the intentions positive and strong.


  3. Thanks for replying Taj! May I respectfulIy say I’m a fan of your video& blog, so much more informative than most of the typical “mumbo jumbo” on this topic on the net! I’m a bit spooked on potentially seeing somewhat creepy things I have read about on the intenet upon opening the third eye. I’m a beginner and just learning to meditate, but I definitely do wish 2 develop deeper psychic abilities in the future when the universe thinks I’m ready , but is there something I can do now to minimize seeing creepy things but not limit any future psychic abilities? The other thing I am absolutely fascinated by are the aliens that you saw!! It must not be a coincidence that the drawing you had of what you saw matches the stereotypical image of aliens as popularly depicted in western society.–Would u say it is true that Aliens must have made contact with Earthlings before.? Can you tell us any thing more about them or their society, or when would they openly make direct contact(not covert contact) with our planet? Sorry if this is a far out question, but Are you able to use your psychic ablites to get any sense of how Long it would take for me to open my 3rd eye & what type of senses I’d have eventually? Thanks a bunch!


    1. Thank you and your are very much welcome.
      Now I will have to say it, you will see more of the spirit world in the early days of opening your third eye and this is what others have been warning other people about, what you see early on, but as you develop you yourself will automatically create boundaries with your thoughts and how you deal with what you see, it will come naturally so do not worry too much, you will see and feel and have a greater sense of knowledge when they are close or around you.
      As for aliens, they are really there and though not all of them are bad, there are races of them that wish to study us and know about our physical body. With those traditional looking aliens I would not recommend carrying on communication…they will link to you through meditation or whilst you sleep and communicate using telepathy. I will definitely talk more openly about this subject on video.
      Your third eye is already open is what I am getting. Trust what you know and where your being led


  4. I’m interested in some things I’ve captured on my camera and why. I think I know but need some help and advice. Thank you


  5. Good day master . Please I need help from you. I being meditating for two years now. What can I do to full open my third eye. And use it to help myself and others. Thanks.


    1. Good day to you also 😇 right, firstly what makes you think your third eye is not fully open? Take in to consideration that everyone will experience it differently, this is something that is I feel “most important” for souls on this journey to know and take in to consideration, you may already be developed in a certain area for you to not notice that the power was already with you, Because it already is all within us, even now it’s there, the way to wake up anything inside is to first give it attention, you must always be aware, of your thoughts and all that’s around you. I’m not sure who you are, but the positive feelings I felt could not be ignored, to me that tells of power, already there to send such a wonderful feeling in a message. To help others, you simply must exist, be a beacon of love, stay true to this path which illuminates your soul, I feel you will benefit from writing, ever looked in to blogging? It’s a way for you to express your mind, and a great way for you to accept your self, your knowledge,’s a great way to undress your soul and it’s something that really helped me, and I feel strongly that it can do the same for you.


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