Grounding and protecting!

What is grounding and protecting?

Now, before you even venture in and on your spiritual journey, one thing I was told by spirit and by many people I met on my journey is that grounding and protecting is essential to your spiritual journey and it is something we must learn and practise everyday like a ritual and this is for many reasons.

Not only do you need to ground and protect yourself from people that are alive but also those who have passed over, in other words..the physical and the spiritual world. Physical people we see every day can literally throw so much negativity you way that most of the time is goes unnoticed as their own low vibes march your own but when you are a high vibrational being you will know and feel the change in your mood and your thinking but also your own energy levels, they will feel low and drained and often you will walk away feeling “not like yourself” and this is why it is important to ground and protect your energy! The same also goes for those who have passed over because again the passed over people’s thoughts does not come in like the physical people’s..the spirit world communicates through telepathy so when the drop you a thought or idea, it’s easily dismissed as your own so there is another vital reason we must ground and protect.


firstly grounding our energy is vital for rooting ourselves to the is our life force and when we ground our energy to the earth we are allowing the earth to align our energy to match the earths therefore helping us remain calm within and leaving no place for negativity to enter our mind body and spirit and aura, so by grounding you are not allowing any negative vibrations to enter your space within. To ground you need to have a strong visualisation and below I will write about how to visualise and what to visualise to ground correctly.


Then there is protecting your energy, different from grounding in the way that this further strengthens your energy and more importantly your physical body, protecting your energy and body is just as important as grounding because grounding keeps you rooted to the earth below but protecting your energy is vital above too, which means other people’s energies and of course the spirit world. Because everything is energy and frequency, just like when someone shouts at you from afar, it’s the frequency we hear and our brain interprets the frequency as words and that is exactly how people’s thoughts work too so when they are thinking negative thoughts towards you it is literally coming at you like a frequency but protecting our energies does literally what it says “it protects us”.


How to ground your energy!

To ground your energy, you first need to use your visualisations and imagine yourself like a tree (like the image above) stand tall and Breath comfortably, then you want to visualise roots like a tree coming from the bottom of your feet going deep in the earth below and when doing this visualise the soil of the earth giving you energy and strengthening your energy through the roots and visualise that energy coming into our feet..up through your legs, hips stomach and all the way up to your mind and feel the energy clearing up your mental strength and feel the difference in your physical body too, you can also whilst doing this visualise the suns energy coming down and shining through your crown chakra and feel it love around your entire body before you centre it within your mind, feel free to do this as often as you like and when ever you feel jaded for no apparent reason, but it is essential to do this before you leave the house in the morning.

How to protect your energy!

To protect your energy, one again you will need to be visual and use visualisations to protect along with some powerful affirmations. To start this process you need to visualise a ball of energy (a blue colour) above your head and visualise is getting bigger and more stronger with every breath, say the words ” I AM PROTECTING MY ENERGY NOW” and drop the ball on to the crown and visualise the energy spreading all over your physical body, your head chest arms torso and legs all the way down to your feet, now visualise this energy moving away from you and forming a ball in which you are in, completely surround yourself i a ball of blue protective energy and say the affirmations ” I AM NOW PROTECTED AGAINST LOWER ENERGIES THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE DAY” and there you are you are protected by your own abilities to protect your energy.

Using crystals!

Crystals are also incredibly powerful to use with grounding and protecting your energy and physical body, I have personally used black tourmaline and black obsidian, the black obsidian I wear everyday, and the black tourmaline I carry! Crystals are infinite power of earth and are essential in this spiritual journey and I would recommend this strongly.

Also consider!

You can also consider calling in higher powers like archangels, guardian angels and your spirit guides to help you too! Archangel Micheal is the angel of protecting and calling upon him will immediately make you feel safe and strong, you can ask archangel Micheal to also help or completely ground and protect you too, but remember one vital thing..when calling in higher powers you NEED to remember to grant them permission to intervene in your free will, simply say “archangel Micheal please be present and be with me now, please intervene in my free will and please help and aid me in grounding and protecting my energies against all lower vibrations and negative and evil entities” and it will be done! Our spirit family are always beside us so never hesitate to call upon them for anything at all.

With that all being said…

…these are my everyday ways of grounding and protecting my energies from just about anything, once you have reached a certain level you can try experimenting these methods with your everyday material things too, offering them protection. Maybe not so much grounding but definitely protecting them from harm.


…a big thank you for reading my article on grounding and protecting, very much appreciated, feel free to comment or like and also look out on YouTube for more videos.. Tajanota on YouTube and I also available on Instagram where I post daily and take messages happily, find me on instagram @ me_tajanota.

Thank you once again, in love and light 🙌🏼


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